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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Good!!

Well as you can tell i am not very good at this blog thing. Since may when i posted A LOT has happened. I am no longer going to school and that is because Bill and i prayed and talked and talked and talked about the fact that i am not really willing to miss anything going on with morgan throughout school. she is my only child and i need to soak up every opportunity i can. she has started kindergarten and i LOVE her teacher. i was in their room the other day and during their "moment of silence" mrs kruebbe takes all the kids rounds them up and prays over them for the day. when she finished praying i am in tears at how genuine she was and she told me if i lose my job for the Lord i am ok with that. i love her!!! i am at the school almost everyday and i love that bill allows for me to do that. i am so very blessed

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