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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Good!!

Well as you can tell i am not very good at this blog thing. Since may when i posted A LOT has happened. I am no longer going to school and that is because Bill and i prayed and talked and talked and talked about the fact that i am not really willing to miss anything going on with morgan throughout school. she is my only child and i need to soak up every opportunity i can. she has started kindergarten and i LOVE her teacher. i was in their room the other day and during their "moment of silence" mrs kruebbe takes all the kids rounds them up and prays over them for the day. when she finished praying i am in tears at how genuine she was and she told me if i lose my job for the Lord i am ok with that. i love her!!! i am at the school almost everyday and i love that bill allows for me to do that. i am so very blessed

Monday, May 10, 2010

whirlwind again!!

well not long back i posted about bill starting a new job. we were so excited and then some things happened and several people left the company. we just knew that things were fixing to get tough yet again for our family. well last friday bill left that job and went to a better one!!!! since this happened he told me i could quit my job!! it is so exciting to be able to open one of my books to study and actually be able to study!!! so i take my final this week which i really need a high grade on and then i have a couple of weeks of NOTHING!!!!! please pray as God is leading us down a different road again. this adventure is truely that. an adventure and a scary one at that sometimes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok since my grandmother moved here almost 2 years ago (I THINK) she has been very lonely and missing her friends. Well yesterday my sweet friend Ms. Agnes called and needed someone to take her to the doctor in Marshall on Fri. Well i have a full time job and can not take off work. Even though i really want to. SO i decided to suggest to her that my grandmother could ride with her! I hope so very much that they become very best friends. Please pray about this with me! Also please continue to pray for direction on what i am suppose to do when it comes to my school. thanks so very much

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

well every year since morgan was born she has gotten sick and we have spent a week in the hospital. well it is that time of year again. as i write this i am laying next to my sick baby in the hospital. we are both so tired, and really just want to be home. please pray for quick healing and full recovery for mo. pray also for some compassion from my instructors as i am suppose to have class the next three days. which i will not be going to because there is no way i am leaving her here without me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A new Road!!

The past few years I firmly believe that God wanted to completely turn our lives around, shake them up, and then S L O W L Y put the pieces back together in a whole new way. So, as many know, Bill has been self-employed for almost 17 years. This past year business STOPPED!! It did not slow down, or become hit and miss. It STOPPED!! I work full time, but my income comes no where close to paying our bills. It has been amazing to me how EVERY TIME we thought that we were finished and were going to lose everything that God just had a whole new plan. Well we have prayed and searched for a new job for Bill for quite some time. This past week he began his new job with some great Christian men that worship with us. He loves what he is doing and I love that he is getting a paycheck. Praise God for carrying us through YET another storm. I saw this quote again this week. " life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain."

small side note: a few years ago some of my all time favorite neighbors had to move away and i was so upset that Morgan would not grow up with anyone to play with since we will NOT be having anymore children. well in the midst of everything else going on I have neglected to pray about this. BUT it is so nice that even when I fail to pray for something that God still knows my heart and he cares so much for HIS children. The neighbors on the other side of us have been having their grandchildren staying with them. I was in my room the other day and kept hearing someone scream Morgan's name. I went outside and there stood 2 little girls wanting to know if Morgan could come outside and play. I LOVE IT!!! So almost every time they are visiting with their grandparents they come visit us too. I am so glad that she has friends. I sure wish our favorite neighbors could have stayed but i guess if they would have stayed my grandmother could not have bought their house. lol!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

This photo was taken last year at our church secret sister party/ Leann Marshall's surprise b-day party. I LOVE my sisters in Christ.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My super sweet maw-in-law took this picture the other day. I just love how everyone of us in this picture has our true look. Bill : serious Morgan : sweet James : HUH?! Jesse : thinking Me : happy I love how she captured "our" life!! I am so thankful for every member of my family!